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A dull office job is out of the question for you? Don't worry, because on YoungCapital you can find exciting Lieferando driver jobs. With this delivery company, you'll get to know the best restaurants in your city. You can look forward to lots of customer contact, flexible working hours and a fair salary. Are you interested? Then click through our job ads and keep an eye out for something interesting. Once you've found what you're looking for, you can apply in just a few minutes. Start your new journey today with a Lieferando driver job!

What to know about Lieferando driver jobs

A Lieferando driver job sounds interesting, but you wonder what a typical working day looks like? We'll tell you: Start your day by getting an overview of the incoming customer orders. Plan the most efficient delivery route and off you go. Get on your vehicle and make your way to the restaurants as quickly as possible. Pick up pizzas, burgers and sushi and stow them safely for transport. Steer your way through the traffic and deliver the food to the hungry recipients. Wave goodbye and continue your journey.

In addition to a lively everyday working life, the Lieferando driver jobs offer much more. For example, you can plan your working hours flexibly according to your individual needs. This way, you can also work as a driver for Lieferando if you are still studying or have another main job. It's the easiest way to earn some extra cash on the side.

Speaking of earnings - things look very good there, too. You can look forward to an income that, including bonuses, is above the legal minimum wage in Germany. If you do your job well, you will also receive generous tips from satisfied customers. As you can see, a Lieferando driver job is worthwhile for several reasons!


Ein öder Bürojob kommt für dich nicht infrage? Ein Glück, dass du auf YoungCapital viele spannende Lieferando Fahrer-Jobs findest. Bei dieser Stelle bist du für die flotte Lieferung von Speisen und Getränken zuständig. Hole das Essen aus den Restaurants ab, verstaue sie transportsicher und mache dich direkt auf den Weg zu den Empfängern. So muss niemand lange auf sein Lieblingsessen warten. Klingt gut? Dann erstelle mit nur wenigen Klicks einen kostenlosen Account und bewirb dich noch heute auf einen Fahrer-Job bei Lieferando!

FAQs about Lieferando driver jobs

What qualifications do I need for a Lieferando driver job?

With a Lieferando driver job, you don't need any specific previous experience. The only important thing is that you are at least 18 years old and enjoy working with people. You will learn everything else on the job.

How much do I earn in a Lieferando driver job?

The salary for a Lieferando driver job, including bonuses, is above the legal minimum wage in Germany. Tips are added to this. For more precise figures, it's best to ask your contact person in the job interview.

How do I apply for a Lieferando driver job through YoungCapital?

You can apply for a Lieferando driver job in just a few minutes: Create a free account on YoungCapital. Complete your profile details and click on the orange 'Apply directly' button in the desired job advertisement. That's it, our recruiters will do the rest.