How it all started

In 2000, when Bram Bosveld, Hugo de Koning and Rogier Thewessen were still at university, they were looking for a side job. They couldn’t find anything online, so they set up their own job board called StudentenWerk. Employers posted their vacancies and students applied online. It was fast, easy and direct. One day, in the office’s attic room, Bram had an employer on the phone. “Do you also do staffing?”, the employer asked. “Absolutely”, replied Bram, who then called out to the others, “Guys, we’re doing staffing now too!”. A new kind of recruitment agency was born.

At the top of our game

’Just go for it’ is the approach that still defines our company today. Thanks to this mentality, StudentenWerk has grown into YoungCapital, a recruitment agency with more than 16,000 candidates working every day. We have the largest database of young candidates in Europe for students, graduates and young professionals. This is also reflected in our numbers.


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We think in terms of opportunities

We think in terms of opportunities

Like our founders, we think in terms of opportunities. And we seize them, too. YoungCapital is growing tremendously, our StudentJob network is active in eight European countries and we have also acquired NebenJob and Jobbird.

New media are our passion. We are part of this new generation, just like our candidates. As digital natives, they are the future that is indispensable for every company. With their fresh vision and endless energy, they can surpass themselves every day. We are ambitious, creative, flexible and connected and encourage new ways of communication, collaboration and problem solving. We approach things differently. We are YoungCapital.

Proud to be growing

In recent years, YoungCapital’s growth has been unstoppable. We’re particularly proud of our growth because it offers our own employees many opportunities to develop themselves and grow along with the company. Real ambition knows no bounds. After the kick-off in the Netherlands, we are represented in 10 European countries. Through our extensive online network we are in contact with more than 7.7 million young talents in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland. Our international network is growing by thousands of new candidates every week.

Proud to grow
We practice what we preach

We practice what we preach

For almost twenty years, we’ve been the link between young people and employers. We believe in the power of young people. After all, with an average age of 28, we ourselves are living proof of what young people can achieve. YoungCapital brings together young talents and future-oriented companies. With a variety of part-time and full-time jobs, we offer the platform for the ideal exchange between companies and students. From the creation of the job advertisement to the filling, training and remuneration of a position, we accompany every step of the hiring and application process. Our recruiters ensure that companies find the perfect candidates for their positions - but also that candidates find exactly the position that suits their interests and qualifications.

Vital to innovation

We see every day that young people and employers can learn a lot from one another. Employers have the experience and expertise; young people bring fresh ideas to the table. They are not yet stuck in set patterns, which makes them vital to any company that wants to innovate. We shape the future of recruiting. We not only have a lot of ideas, we also implement them. And with that we get great results. The satisfaction of matching our customers with our candidates motivates us to always do our best.

Vital to innovation

Want to know more?

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